I-STORE is an interdepartmental Research Center of the University of Salento focused on the emerging IoT technologies with the aim of defining and validating innovative smart environments able to guarantee reliability, sustainability, safety and security. The main research interests of the center include topics such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Innovative smart sensors, Cyber security, Block Chain, Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Various researchers from several departments of the University of Salento and from other research centers, such as CNR and IIT, are affiliated to I-STORE to collaborate in the different research units to promote cooperation and synergy merges.

I-STORE heavily fosters the collaboration among companies, public institutes, other research centers and technological districts in order to define jointly research lines.

Research activities carried out in the several units of the I-STORE center are classified with a Technology Readiness Level less than 6. 


Experimental Research Units

Applied Research Units

Scientific Committee

Technological Transfer Committee

Technological ShowRoom