angle-left SMART CARE - Innovative system for remote monitoring of chronic heart failure patients
SMART CARE - Monitoring and analysis system based on artificial intelligence for patients with chronic cardiac decompensation with mini-invasive and wearable evolved medical devices
2022 - 2025
3 years
Funding Type:
Italian Ministry of Health, Italian Health Operational Plan (Cohesion and Development Fund 2014-2020), trajectory 2 “eHealth, advanced diagnostics, medical device and mini invasiveness”
Short Description:

The SMART CARE project aims to establish a national network for managing patients with chronic heart failure, through the design, development, technological and clinical validation, and integration with the national healthcare system, of an Integrated Monitoring System based on:

a) Advanced solutions for monitoring and evaluating patients with heart failure at home using smart, mini-invasive, wearable sensory devices

b) A Multimarkers Score to support decision making, based on data collected from the involved technological devices

c) A Telemedicine services platform for the Italian network of heart failure.

The goal of this monitoring system is to make the various stages of managing patients with chronic heart failure (prevention, diagnosis, therapy, follow-up) more efficient and the action of the national healthcare system more effective through a multi-dimensional intervention perspective, reducing the need for unnecessary tests, visits and hospitalizations, improving early recognition of the condition, adherence to treatment guidelines, and integrated follow-up between specialty centers and general practitioners.