angle-left SIMMS - Sarcopenia Integrated Measurement and Management System
SIMMS - Sarcopenia Integrated Measurement and Management System
Funding Type:
POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020—Asse prioritario 1—Ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico, innovazione—Azione 1.4.b—BANDO INNOLABS—SOSTEGNO ALLA CREAZIONE DI SOLUZIONI INNOVATIVE FINALIZZATE A SPECIFICI PROBLEMI DI RILEVANZA SOCIALE. Public notice and subsequent reissues. AD n. 144/13 of 08/02/2017—Section DD Research and Innovation Capacity Institutional n. 37 of 28 March 2017. Project code N7KQG86).
Short Description:

The project aims to develop an integrated technological system, consisting of both fixed measurement devices, usable in healthcare facilities, and mobile, usable at the patient's home able to monitor patients affected from sarcopenia. These devices interface with a software system for data collection and processing, clinical monitoring and management of patients.

Role: Scientific leader for the IDA Lab Research Unit.