angle-left First Innovation & Networking PhD Day - April 28, 2022

On April 28, 2022 the event IN PhDay 2022 (Innovation & Networking PhD Day 2022) allowed several PhD students and undergraduates from the University of Salento to meet and interact with companies affiliated with the I-Store interdepartmental research center of the Università del Salento: GEMATICA S.r.l., Inmatica S.p.A., COMMED I A S.r.l., Net Service S.p.A., PARSEC 3.26 S.r.l., Reco 3.26 S.r.l., Tiledesk S.r.l.. We would like to thank Prof. Luigi Patrono for organizing the event, as well as the companies, PhD students, and students who attended. Thank you for their presence at Prof. Fabio Pollice, Prof. Giulio Avanzini, and Prof. Luca Mainetti.